Matrix Revolutions eats its own fans

Don’t get me wrong: I really like Matrix Revolutions for its powerful scenes and its dialogue and never-seen-before battles. It’s one of the finest pieces of film history.

But what’s wrong with Matrix Revolutions then?

I reproach the movie for its lack of answers. Answers to questions that Matrix Reloaded raised (and seemed to promise to answer in Revolutions).

Dude, where is my matrix?

Imagine you make a movie and suddenly your hero has telekinetic powers: He stops 4 incoming war machines just by thinking it. Wow, that is a twist.

Matrix fans around the globe discussed for MONTHS “how this was possible” and “what would the twists be that the Wachowski brothers had up their sleeves for Revolutions?”. Fans were looking for the same kind of twists we loved in Matrix 1 and Matrix 2.

The brothers created one of the biggest cliffhangers of movie history. I think it was meant to electrify and I think the Wachowskis wanted to raise these forum discussions (they are computer fans themselves).

And how did the Wachowskis decide to resolve this riddle in Matrix Revolutions?
The fans
expected something…..BIG.
But they got….Hollywood:


Neo: “Tell me how I stopped 4 sentinels by thinking it…”
Oracle: “The power of the One extends beyond this world. It reaches from here all the way back to where it came from: The Source.”


Ahem, excuse me?


Even a third-rate scriptwriter could come up with something more intelligent after 5 minutes in the toilet (I am talking about the solution to the riddle here, not about the movie as a whole.)

Shall the Oracle’s words really explain why Neo is blind and can see everything in gold code? His ability to feel and to burst the sentinels? How he can be in the Matrix while not jacked-in?

No, the Oracle doesn’t answer ANYTHING. She merely restates the question. She gives an answer like “Why do you ask?” or “Because you are the One”.

Now it seems that the Wachowskis were powerless against the united creativity of the Matrix community. This cliffhanger hanged the brothers. Victims of their own riddles. Discredited by the words of their own heroes.

Wachowskis, where is the twist, goddammit?

I love the movies, and that’s why I am angry. Something’s different. I cannot feel them. It’s not what the movie shows. It’s what the movie does not show: The twists and the mind-puzzles!

I can honestly say, that in forums around the web (including this site’s forum) there have been better ideas for Revolutions than in the resulting movie. It seems the movie DOESN’T EVEN TRY to make us marvel (except on the level of visuals). Didn’t the brothers realize the potential of what they have created with Matrix 1 and Matrix 2?

Here are a few twist ideas from the internet community:

  • Neo can stop sentinels, because he is the first to find out that all humans are in reality enslaved superbeings.
    This converts the movies to fantasy movies, but fine with me.
  • Neo can stop sentinels, because he is a machine and has a wireless connection to the self-destruction of the sentinels.
    This makes Zion real and explains how he could be in the Matrix, while not jacked-in.
    Totally fine with me.
  • Zion is another simulated reality (Matrix-within-Matrix theory) to trap humans.
    Fine with me.
  • Zion is a simulation run by humans to create Artificial Intelligence (Neo etc.) that has a deep understanding of the badness of war.
    Fine with me.
  • The Matrix is needed because the machines need hackers to reprogram them. Inherent in the machine’s programming exists (1) a security mechanism to prevent the extermination of humanity, (2) a security mechanism to prevent the use of any energy source beyond solar power. Thus the machines need hackers to reprogram them. Thus they simulate a world just for hackers. Thus they need Neo, and if he comes to the source he will reprogram the machines and they can wipe out all humans. A twist-within-a-twist.
    Fine with me.
  • Zion is another simulation but it’s meant to rival against the computer system that created the Matrix. Thus the fight turns out to be Computer System #1 against Computer System #2.
    Fine with me.
  • The machines cut all lines in and out of the Matrix. In a last attempt The Kid is sent in and can eject out by his own powers (as demonstrated in the episode “Kid’s story” from Animatrix).
    Fine with me.
  • Trinity turns out to be Neo’s girl-friend AND “The Mother” AND a spy for the machines (that’s why the “3”).
    Fine with me.
  • The Matrix has been invented voluntarily by humans and Smith is a safety mechanism if it runs for too long.
    Fine with me.
  • The Merovingian is a former Oracle and wants to kill the current one in revenge.
    Fine with me.
  • Smith turns out to be the original One.
    Fine with me.

Now these are what I consider “Twists”.

In fact: ANYTHING is better than an answer given by the Oracle.
The Oracle never ever gave a clear answer to anybody before, so letting the Oracle give an answer may be just another way to hide that the directors had no clue how to resolve this cliffhanger. Neo could bend the spoon in Matrix 1, now he can bend the sauce (source), this is how it sounds to me.

I don’t care whether the Merovingian is a descendent of Jesus or Maria. This is irrelevant. But I want cliffhangers to be resolved. I want a coherent story line.

Is the twist, that there isn’t any? Uff…


More unresolved mysteries / More meaningless information…

To the shame of the Wachowskis I have to add that also other parts of the trilogy are left unresolved and are degraded to meaninglessness in the same manner.

Matrix Imploded

  • Take the speech of the Architect. A masterpiece of filmmaking. During the months after Reloaded his words were dissected in Matrix forums. “This is the 6th time we will destroy Zion”.
    Did this have ANY effect on Revolutions? None.
    What would differ if Neo hadn’t gone to the Architect? Not much. Smith would have spread and Neo could have gone to the machine god directly.
  • Persephone says about the Merovingian: “The Merovingian was once like Neo”. Months of discussions followed. Was he a former One?
    Effect on Revolutions? None. But why did she say it then? Because the Merovingian LOVED her once? How trivial can it get?
  • In Reloaded Councillor Hamann talks with Neo about “We need machines”. In the bible Hamann betrayed his own people.
    Effect on Revolutions? None.
  • In Animatrix one whole episode (“Kid’s story”) is dedicated to The Kid. He was the first who could self-eject from the Matrix.
    Seemed important.
    Effect on Revolutions? None.
    Anybody else could have run around bringing the bullets in Revolutions.
  • In Matrix Reloaded the Kid brings Neo a spoon.
    Wow, a message.
    Effect on Revolutions? None. It could have been a fork. [Sarcasm]
  • The sex scene between Neo and Trinity and the rave dance?
    The love between Neo and Trinity?
    Irrelevant to Revolutions.
  • Niobe pilots her hovercraft thru hell in Revolutions. Meaningless. Just eye candy to release a computer game where you can fly your spaceships thru tunnels.
  • Smith spreads like mad. Now there are thousands of him. Did this have any effect on Neo and their fights?
    Not in Revolutions. Could have still been one Smith vs. Neo.

It seems to be the method of the Wachowskis to give us tidbits of information which turn out to be meaningless. The brothers increase the suspense but don’t deliver the satisfying solution:

Take the trailers for Matrix Revolutions for example:

  • Trinity says to Neo “6 hours ago I was ready to give anything for you”.
    Wow, what happened in the last 6 hours to make Trinity say that?
    Well, she got him out of the Matrix, but does that differ from anything she has done before? No, but it had to be six hours, to put artificial(?) importance into it.
  • The Merovingian says: “Bring me the eyes of the Oracle”.
    Wow, now that’s a twist. Maybe Trinity has to overwhelm the Oracle.
    But what happens in the movie? Trinity says “No” and the Merovingian says “OK, then not”.
    What was this all about then?
    Moreover if you consider the Merovingian’s words, that “he has survived them all” then simply coming to his club is a bit too simple to overthrow him.

Dirty tricks to create cliffhangers to increase sales? To fill the movie with the newest digital effects? Philosophical bloat? Does Revolutions even TRY to answer anything? Or does it use “Every answer raises 3 more questions” as a new merchandising concept to sever comic sales for the years to come? A Perry-Rhodan-scheme? The same PR trick that keeps Nostradamus fans and bible fans fascinated for hundreds of years?
Matrix Milked
Morpheus 3000 and Niobe XP


  • The machines have powerful weapons and highly advanced machinery but have to dig/ fight Zionites for 100 years and cannot get their energy from above the clouds?
    Not answered.
  • Why did the machines invent the Matrix simulation at all? All they need to do is to cut a few nerves in the brain to make the bodies helpless.
  • Why are most whites the bad guys?
    Not answered.
  • Why do the heroes wear sunglasses and leather?
    Pure gloss? Stylish bloat?
  • How could Zion be destroyed and repopulated already 5 times? What happened with all the debris? An important question dealing about whether Zion is real or just another rebootable simulation.
    Not answered.
  • Why is Trinity Trinity? What’s so three-ish about her? The Wachowski said that every name was chosen very carefully. Was it? She has a side role (who hasn’t?) and dies.

Instead of answering questions, the movie raises more:

  • Is Neo really dead at the end of the movie?
  • Is the Merovingian dead?
  • What will happen with the girl Sati?
  • Are all humans dead after Smith took over them? Has the refreshed Matrix any humans at all?


Didn’t the Wachowskis know what they asked? Accidental mysteries?

Didn’t the Wachowski brothers know what questions would be asked after Reloaded and Revolutions?

This is supported by an interview with Nona Gaye (plays Zee):
Nona Gaye: “Revolutions won’t leave fans with questions at the end like the first Matrix did… People will be relieved when they see Revolutions”
I don’t know what she’s talking about, but it can’t be the movies that _I_ have seen.

This is also supported an interview with Joel Silver (the producer):
Joel Silver: “The story that the boys wanted to tell ends in Revolutions. I mean, could they continue the story, the characters? Look, they can…I’m sure that if they wanted to continue writing whatever they can, they can. This story does end at the end of Revolutions…That is the end. It is concluded. This story is over.”

And also this:
Keanu Reeves: “Some questions of the journey of Neo as The One are answered. And lots of surprises.”
Sounds like he’s talking about answers and twists.

Take another riddle: Zion. Is Zion real? Or is it a mere simulation? This is one of the biggest questions of the trilogy.

Keanu Reeves: “I think in terms of the representation of the films, the Brothers don’t tend to do things like that, like hood-wink you. It’s not like, ‘I see dead people’, where you are watching this whole movie and then, ‘By the way…’ I don’t think they do that kind of cinema. So my answer to your question is ‘No’. I don’t think it is so boxes within boxes. I think that Zion is Zion. But if you want to go: ‘Is it the blink of Vishnu?’ Maybe. But in terms of literally and the world of the pictures, no.”

What the heck? I don’t know about what pictures Keanu is talking, but if anything then Revolutions supports A-Matrix-within-a-Matrix theory:

  • Neo sees everything in Gold Code
  • Energy bits are flowing (similar to the green matrix code).
  • He sees Smith with sunglasses in Zion.
  • He can stop sentinels with his thoughts.
  • A sentinel goes thru him.
  • He understands machines, knows solutions and foresees the future

Yes, it’s true: Matrix-within-a-Matrix wasn’t mentioned in Revolutions thus Zion is most probably real. BUT NOT IN TERMS OF PICTURES.

Gosh, this is a discussion I wanted to see concluded.

Listen, I don’t claim that Zion is fake. I doesn’t matter whether it’s real or not. But ‘Hey, the sentinel could go thru you, because you are like Jesus’ is just lame.

Looks like hiding conceptlessness under eye candy. Or maybe it’s sacrificing concepts for the sake of digital effects.

Maybe the brothers thought: Zion is fake but there is no way we going to confuse the general audience, so let’s explain it in comics and just confuse the theory fans. Lame.

Do I have to buy comics now to understand? How far will this go? Will the Wachowskis place hidden messages at the back of blow-up dolls to make me UNDERSTAND?


Missing tension / So many wasted characters…

Besides the lack of twists and explanations I also would like to point out the lack of keeping/ building up the tension. I am talking about film directing skills. I denounce that the whole movie looks like a big trailer. Mere snippets of actions.

  • Smith: “Do you like what I have done with this place?”
    Hell, where do we see how the deterioration of the Matrix occurs bit by bit?
    Where do we see how the system tries to beat back Smith?
  • Do we see how he takes over more and more people?
    No, but suddenly Smiths are everywhere.
  • Smith flies now. Why? How did he learn it?
  • Smith meets Sati and Seraph. What happens then?
  • Trinity dies (much too long) after a few scenes. Why so fast? Why so long?
  • Morpheus is degraded to a driver’s mate.
  • Persephone has just 1 sentence to say.
  • Link & Zee…what a boring couple. Even the relationship between Trinity and Neo is boring. The movie tries to hide it beneath theatrical music volumes.

It seems that characters like Persephone and Merovingian have been featured to increase comics / games sales. This applies especially to Revolutions where suddenly a sweeeet girl (Sati) appears with godlike powers. If this doesn’t smell like follow-up merchandising then I don’t know. But why do they write then “To be concluded” at the end of Matrix Reloaded?

It’s ironic that the movie is about purpose, but some characters are featured as if they had none.

It looks like the same old Hollywood machinery as always. “Hey, how about the devil in the Matrix, let’s name him…. The Merovingian. Think of all the franchise possibilities.”

I know, I know, my statements above are probably exaggerated since Revolutions may create a new kind of “Matrix Fan” who likes exactly its concept of “Just ask, don’t answer anything”. Overanalyzing for the sake of overanalyzing. Talking for years about the symbols in Matrix Revolutions. And their allusions to the Bible and Hinduism.

Maybe Matrix will become a religion itself for the very reasons some of the current religions last so long: Because they tell everything and nothing.

Everything that has a beginning has an end? Not the Matrix movies, it seems.


Missing fresh ideas

Guns and fists – Neo, I love you – Neo, you’re the One – Neo kicks Smith.
Boom Boom: The PR machine rolling (Matrix Public Relation’ed so to speak)

The same as before, just on a larger scale. Nothing more except what was already shown in the trailers. To give you an idea what could have been cool:

  • Smith hacks the Architect
  • Time loops. Repeated (but slightly differing) fights.
  • Neo throws cars at Smith. Smith in control of rain and light unleashes floods and lightnings (reinventing/ topping Dragonball).
  • Smith in control of stones throws concrete and walls at Neo, just by thinking it.
  • Merovingian vs. Neo
  • New fighting styles, animal style Kung Fu
  • Smith can burst sentinels, too, and thus both fight with their newly gained powers in Zion
  • Albino Twins reappearance
  • Architect in a large hall full of monitors, not only in his small room
  • Smith in Merovingian’s Hell Club
  • Trinity gains superpowers too, and helps Neo
  • Pieces of digital code spark off as Smith hits Neo
  • Oracle flies
  • Architect watches his monitors as Smith takes over
  • Trinity is severely handicapped in Zion after the Agent shot her in Reloaded
  • More Agents
  • A messy back-and-forth battle Bane vs. Neo in Zion and simultaneously Smith vs. Neo in the Matrix. Whenever one gains the upper hand of the other a twist occurs in the other world.
  • Smith hacks the trainman and fights Neo in Mobil Ave
  • Oracle is a little girl (instead of just “another face”)
  • Neo develops new powers, not only kicking and flying
  • Smith stops bullets
  • Persephone vs. Merovingian
  • Trinity vs. Merovingian
  • Thousands of Smiths fly around like insects

MY GOD ANYTHING WE DIDN’T EXPECT. ANYTHING. But not the Architect visiting the Oracle in the park, while the sun rises. Gimmie-a-Kit-Kat. Is this Titanic?

Yeah sure, there is a “meaning” beneath all the bad filmmaking. As in my idea for Matrix 4: The Architect is eating breakfast with the Oracle and it’s….Christmas.

What is it about after all? Is LOVE the most important thing? Or the story of a modern Jesus? Gosh, did Warner Brothers make a survey and “most adult females prefer Trinity dead and Zion saved”?

Maybe the Wachowskis really stole the Matrix idea from Sophia Stewart, but they stole only the first half of the script, thus they had to invent this lame ending.

OK, I am probably unfair, because there have been some good ideas in Revolutions (Smith taking over Oracle, the machine god, the blinded messiah). But too little.


Enough of Wachowski bashing. Now bash me!

Uff, enough said. Now it’s your turn:

Do you agree with me? Then post at my matrix forum, tell me how wonderfully correct I am.

Do you disagree? Then bash me at my matrix forum, tell me how stupid I am and that I didn’t get the movies and that I am a 12-year-old boy who was thrown out of kindergarten.
But don’t waste your time. There are comments I don’t want to hear about the Matrix (and this site).
If you didn’t like my statements above, then chances are, that you are a strong opponent of The-Matrix-within-the-Matrix theory.

You can always try to change my mind. And you can go to this poll: Did you like Matrix Revolutions? Every vote counts!!

Since the very beginning of this site I have taken every argument and featured it as an argument or counter-argument. Thus if you have anything new to say, you have a good chance to be cited here.

Please don’t say: “It’s all your own fault. You fans have been digging too deeply. Trying to give answers where no questions have been asked”. Don’t say this because 1) Fans are fans. 2) Go bash Star Trek fans instead. 3) All Revolutions continues to do is ask questions in the same manner as Reloaded did: Giving snippets of riddles and unexplained characters (e.g. the Indian girl) to raise those questions.

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Matrix theories and concepts
  1. Too normal to be seen?
    Did you notice that there are hardly any ‘normal’ people in the movie? You only see ‘special’ people (Neo, Agents, Architect…) but merely a handful of ‘standard inhabitants of the Matrix’
  2. Afraid of cloning lately?
    Why are so many people afraid of cloning? Do we live in a Matrix and fear Smith?
  3. Golden rule of kissing
    Did you notice that Persephone wants a kiss from Neo (and from Niobe and from Ghost [Enter the Matrix]), but blames the Merovingian for having been ‘kissed’ (in the toilet by the cake toilet girl). Ok, ok, it’s not the same, since the Merovingian got an intimate kiss (fellatio/ irrumatio), but interesting nevertheless.
  4. Fight against each other/ Fight against oneself
    One becomes what one fights against: Neo finds out to be merely a part of the system’s plan and Smith becomes the very cancer he classifies mankind as:
    Agent Smith [Matrix 1]: “A virus. Human beings are a disease, a cancer of this planet.”
    Maybe next Matrix movie should be called Matrix Overloaded.
    Please note that technically Smith is not a virus but a cancer: Was normal once, was altered, now spreading uncontrollable. Just like human cells that become cancerous.
  5. Smith right, Neo left?
    Could it be that Agent Smith and the Merovingian are the only knowing and honest persons in the movie?

    • Agent Smith: “I’m unplugged, apparently free. But appearances can be deceiving”
    • Merovingian: “The only real truth: Causality… Choice is an illusion”
  6. What is invisible and smells like the One?
    In Matrix 1 the Oracle says:
    Oracle: “I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Being the One is just like being in love. No one can tell you you’re in love, you just know it.”
    In Matrix 2 Persephone says:
    Persephone (to Neo and Trinity): “You love her. She loves you. It’s all over you both.”
  7. Seravingian
    In the castle Neo fights Merovingian’s men and the Merovingian just looks and judges. A similar thing happens with Seraph and Neo. They both fight as if Seraph wants to test Neo.
  8. Choices and possibilities? Juices and pussybilities!
    Why do (nearly) all heroes wear black-only stylish suits? A theory: (Movie trivia ahead):
    As you may know Larry Wachowski (one of the directors of the Matrix trilogy) is probably transsexual (and probably plans to undergo a transgender operation). Thus the preference for leather and latex. And thus the story about how machines are inserted into human bodies (hehe). And thus the story about domination and control. In fact ‘Matrix‘ could be a cousin word of ‘Latex‘, ‘Dominatrix‘ and ‘TransX‘.
    Here is what Jake Miller has to say (Jake Miller is a female-to-male transsexual (after a sex-change), and a companion of Larry Wachowski at the Matrix 1 premiere in Los Angeles):
    Jake Miller: “[Larry Wachowski] is obsessed with Marilyn Monroe and likes to wear a blonde wig, pink dresses and stiletto heels prior to being punished by his mistress and acting as her slave….[Larry] has been cross-dressing for years and everybody knows it…When Larry walked down the red carpet…he was probably wearing a bra and panties under his suit”

    On the Matrix set, Larry was visited (for weeks) by Karin Winslow (aka Ilsa Strix, wrongly called Ilsa Stix). The Mirror (a British tabloid) calls her a “well-known sado-masochistic dominatrix”. Karin Winslow seems to have become the girl-friend of Larry Wachowski (who wants to be called Lana Wachowski?).
    Well, well, Matrix Reshaped ;-).

    • Did you realize that the Wachowski Bros aren’t brothers anymore then?
    • And another question remains: If the trilogy is a mirror of their personal lifes, do they have silk toilet paper? 🙂
  9. Old roles, new rules
    Keanu Reeves has played

    • ‘Johnny’ in Johnny Mnemonic (having data uploaded into his mind)
    • ‘Buddha’ in Little Buddha (being a religious leader)
    • ‘Jack Traven’ in Speed (fighting and shooting at high-speed)
    • ‘Ted’ in Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey (traveling thru times and places)
    • ‘Kevin Lomax’ in The devil’s advocate (whose boss is the devil and the plot is a simulation to study choices)

    Now Neo is of a combination of these roles. However the Wachowskis said in a www chat:
    Question [internet chat Matrix Virtual Theatre]: “Did the movie Johnny Mnemonic play a role in casting Keanu Reeves for the role of Neo?”
    Wachowski brothers: “No”

  10. Spoon vs. Knife
    The Kid brings Neo the spoon and thus saves him from Banes deadly knife.
  11. Things 2 think
    • Neo is One, Smith is Many
    • Neo is 1, Smith is -1
    • Neo is the One, Smith is any-one
      (all Agents have everybody’s names like Smith, Jackson, Brown)
    • Neo is the only One, Smith is manyone.
    • Neo is One, Smith is much.
    • Neo is One, Smith is clone.
      (Matrix Reloaded could have been “Matrix: The attack of the clones”)
    • Both are virtual no-bodies.
    • Both have powers that are unreal
    • Both are anomalies, Smith is the greater anomaly
    • Some of Smith’s code was overwritten by Neo. This makes Smith a kind of a “One”, too.
    • Is black Neo the counterpart of black Smith? Or of white Architect?
    • Smith is the virus, Neo is the anti-virus
    • Smith is the enemy of the system, Neo is part of the system
    • Both control the Matrix and the real world
    • Smith fuses, Zion refuses, Neo defuses, Oracle confuses
    • Neo is a split personality (Mr. Anderson & Neo), Smith is a multiple personality
    • Neo gives Smith purpose, Smith wants to take Neo’s purpose
    • Neo is here (Zion) and there (Matrix), Smith is everywhere
    • Buy Neo v6.0! He is New and can fly. Buy Smith v2.0! He is experienced and you get more!
    • Buy the 1, he has a ‘function of the 1’. Buy 3nity! She has 3 functions in 1.
    • Humans download helicopter programs (Trinity), Programs download human emotions (Persephone). What a wonderful world.
  12. Georotesque W. Bush
    When the Architect says…
    Architect: “the varying grotesqueries of your nature”
    …George Bush (sr.) is shown followed by George Walker Bush (Bush Jr.). It could mean, what many have hoped: George W. Bush exists only in the Matrix.
  13. Fake life makes a real choice to make death an illusion
    Maybe there is real choice in the Matrix:
    Oracle: “A program can either choose to hide here, or return to The Source.”
    Interesting, isn’t it? Since I cannot believe that a program is already programmed to be undeletable. What do you think?
  14. 23 new flaws
    Since everybody seems to be heavily guided in this movie, choosing (hell, choice is an illusion) 23 individuals may introduce a flaw into the new Zion: 1 or more of the 23 individuals might be Agents etc…
  15. Black crows
    Why is the Oracle feeding black crows instead of pigeons?
  16. Only sex is real in the Matrix
    The Merovingian stands up to meet the woman (whom he has made horny with his cake) in the toilet and says…
    Merovingian: “Now I have some real business to attend to, so I will say adieu and goodbye.”
  17. White silver, black silver
    The black tar of Smith’s taking over is similar to the silver in Matrix 1, when Neo took the red pill. Or not?
  18. Face? Lifted!
    The Oracle has a new face (the old actress died) as you can see in Enter The Matrix.
    Oracle : “I wish the face you remember was the face that I was still wearing. But that face is gone…The Merovingian warned me that if I made a certain choice, it would cost me.”
    Does that open the door to more Matrix movies where actors are replaced more often?
Nobody seems to point this out, but everything looks as if Neo has been supported by the system all along:

Neo has been guided and helped

Just analyze the Architect’s interesting answer:
Neo: “Why am I here?”
…and then several sentences further…
Architect: “You are here because Zion is about to be destroyed”

and also this:
Architect: “Hello, Neo.”
Neo: “Who are you?”
Architect: I am the Architect…I’ve been waiting for you.”

and also this:
Neo: “My name is Neo.”
Keymaker: “Yes, I’m the Keymaker. I’ve been waiting for you.”

and also this (in the hallway to the Architect):
Smith: “I’ve been expecting you.”

I read this as: ‘You are here because you are needed for our purposes’. In other words: ‘Everything happens as planned’ and ‘You are here because we let you come so far with our help‘, which includes…

  • the Oracle (of course)
  • the Keymaker (of course)
    Not only the Keymaker plays his obvious role as one of the main helpers of Neo, but also think of this…
    Keymaker (to Morpheus): “That door will take you home.”
    …meaning the Keymaker (in the building to the Architect) shows Morpheus how to escape to the next telephone to leave the Matrix. A totally unnecessary step, because the purpose of the Keymaker is fulfilled. The system helps Morpheus.
  • Persephone
    She helps Neo:

    • She kills Abel (with a silver bullet).
      Why does she kill Abel? Maybe in an effort to impede the Merovingian’s threat against the Oracle
      Merovingian: “Give the fortune teller this message: Her time is almost up”

      Persephone: “[Cain and Abel] work for my husband, they do his dirty work.”
    • She guides Neo to the Keymaker.
    • She guides Niobe to her captured friend (captured by Cain and Abel) [Enter the Matrix].
    • She guides Ghost to Niobe, who has also been captured by Cain and Abel [Enter the Matrix].
  • and especially(!) Trinity, who goes into the Matrix (despite of a promise) to make Neo’s mission possible (at the end of Matrix 2).
    Even the love between Trinity and Neo could be ‘part of the program’ as Persephone states about this love (after Neo kisses her):
    Persephone: “Ahh, yes. That’s it. I envy you. But such a thing is not meant to last.”
    In other words: It lasts as long as it serves a purpose.

Even Neo’s resurrection [Matrix 1] and the connection between Smith and Neo can be seen as being wanted:
Smith: “Our connection. I don’t fully understand how it happened. Perhaps some part of you imprinted onto me, something overwritten or copied. That is at this point irrelevant, what matters is that whatever happened, happened for a reason.”

Some more thoughts:

  • Maybe Persephone is not the help, but the Merovingian is? Did he have to use the cake upon the woman? No. But he probably did it unwillingly willingly (choice is an illusion) and thus did upset Persephone, who helps Neo, because of her upsetting?
  • Maybe the Merovingian is the System’s friend, checks out Neo and decides that the Keymaker is not to be handed out, because he can see Neo taking the left door. Remember, what the Oracle said:
    The Oracle: “We can never see past the choices we don’t understand.”
    Since the Merovingian is one of the oldest exile programs, he is probably able to see past the choices, because he understands them.
  • Maybe Persephone is the enemy of the System. She plays tricks on the Merovingian and maybe she is convinced by Neo’s kiss that he will choose the left door. Thus she came, kissed and handed out.


Are the agents in Matrix Reloaded Smith’s agents or the System’s agents?

In forums the question is often asked: “If the system needs Neo, why do the Agents want to stop him?”.

Well, maybe it’s not the ‘System’ which tries to stop Neo with agents. Maybe they are Smith’s agents (= possessed by Smith). We cannot even be sure that it’s Smith himself who brings the ear plug at the beginning of Matrix 2 (although it’s very likely since it’s Smith’s voice and the subtitles of the DVD say so), thus maybe one of the agents delivered the ear plug.

Let’s analyze the beginning of Matrix Reloaded a bit:

  1. Smith(?) comes and brings the ear plug.
  2. Three agents come (20 seconds later)…
    Neo states about them…
    Neo: ” Hmm. Upgrades.”
    …which could mean, that Neo just thought they were upgrades but in reality they are controlled by Smith (and thus “upgraded”).

    • However (as a counter-argument) the old agents from Matrix 1 are missing in the movie (Agent Jones and Agent Brown), thus the upgrades might very well be the System’s new versions. Just note, how tall and powerful they are, while the Matrix 1 agents were normal looking guys.
    • Her names hint at follow-up versions (“son of”): Agent Jackson, Agent Thompson, Agent Johnson.
    • It has also been pointed out, that “Upgrades” could be a sarcastic answer to “Only human”.
  3. Neo fights the agents and flies away
  4. Smith meets another Smith in the fighting area. Where did this other Smith come from? Were the agents just Smiths in disguise?

However here are some counter-points that make one believe the agents are indeed the system’s agents:

  • It seems that all assimilated persons look like Smith, therefore it’s unlikely that it’s Smith on the highway
  • The assimilation process is different. While normal agents just appear from within the person who is taken over, Smith rams his hand into the body and “converts” it.
  • Also all agents still have ear plugs.
  • The system’s agents are always late. Smith is always the first:
    • Smith comes and brings the ear plug, agents follow.
    • Smith meets Neo directly after the Oracle, an agent shows up later (and is assimilated by Smith)
    • Smith shows up in the corridor to the Architect. An agent shows up later to fight Trinity.

    Here is what Hugo Weaving (the actor for Smith) says in an interview:
    Hugo Weaving [in interview]: ‘Here’s what I mean, [Smith] has been upgraded. He should return to the mainframe. He should be superceded, but as the Oracle says, there are a number of programs that don’t want to go. So, they hide out in the Matrix and there’s a compulsion that he has. If Neo is there, he must necessarily be there. I think every force has its oppositional force and that’s exactly what Smith is to Neo. Neo can’t be without Smith and Smith can’t be without Neo.’

  • When Agent Jackson shows up (during the fight of the many Smiths against Neo) he says…
    Agent Jackson (to Smith): “You!”
    …and it sounds like he had resentments (thus they are enemies)
  • When Smith enters the scene (right after the Oracle) Link (onboard the Nebuchadnezzar) says:
    Link (talking about the digital code he observes): “Whoever it is, he’s not reading like an agent.”
    …whereas he says about the agents (in the beginning at the movie, after Smith brings the ear plug gift)…
    Link: “Agents just came out of nowhere. And then [when Smith duplicated himself again] the code got all weird”
  • It could also be that the Keymaker really has fulfilled his purpose. The agents want to kill the Keymaker, because he already gave the key to the Zionites. This scene is shown in Enter The Matrix, where he hands out the key to Niobe (but this key is taken away by the Merovingian). Maybe the agents just react very simple-minded to “key given->kill”.


The Merovingian probably knows about it all (about Zion, Mainframe, Architect…)

Merovingian: “Do you know why you are here?”
Morpheus: “We are looking for the Keymaker. ”
Merovingian: “The Keymaker, of course. But this is not a reason, this is not a ‘why’…To look for him is to be looking…to do…..What?”
Neo: “You know the answer to that question.”
Merovingian: “But do you? You think you do but you do not.
Thus maybe the Merovingian is a former ‘One’ who entered and returned from the mainframe. See also the section Was The Merovingian a former ‘One’?

Also Smith could be one who knows about the cycle (thus in a religious sense he is freed from needs and free from the cycle of endless lives):
Smith #1: “That went as expected.”
Smith #2: “Yes.”
Smith #1: “It’s happening exactly as before.”


Does the Architect WANT Neo to choose the left door back to the Matrix?

Neo is told by the Architect (after the Architect has stated how much Neo loves Trinity) that Trinity has entered the Matrix…
Architect: “Your experience [of attachment/ love] is far more specific – vis-à-vis love.”
Neo: “Trinity.”
Architect: “Apropos, she entered the Matrix to save your life, at the cost of her own.”
…and the TV screens show her in trouble.

Why does the Architect mention that? Does the Architect want Neo to take the left door?

Since Neo has been guided and has been allowed to go to the Architect so far, he is probably still being guided. Just another form of ‘Apparently your own choice, but not really your choice’. Now the question is: Why would the Architect want Neo to choose the left door? Maybe he is aware that Smith is a threat to the Matrix (and Neo is the only one who can stop him). Thus if Smith is allowed to spread, there wouldn’t be 23 people left to choose from. Smith everywhere.

Think of that, too: When Morpheus makes his speech at the end of Matrix Reloaded, just in the moment when he says…
Morpheus: “Tonight is not an accident. There are no accidents. We have not come here by chanceI do not see coincidence
…the bridge is shown that will later collapse. Because of this bridge the mission of Captain Soren fails and thus Trinity has to enter the Matrix and thus chooses the left door. Did the system want Neo to choose left?

On the other hand it could be , that the Architect makes an error (since the Architect could be human) and Neo chooses the unwanted door. It is also possible that the connection of Neo & Smith alters the ‘door-choice’.

Think of that, too: When Bane (possessed by Smith) cuts his hand and tries to attack Neo, what if he was actually trying to attack Trinity? Maybe he wanted Trinity to die, so that Neo chose the right door?

Marginal note: In Matrix 1 when Neo flees from the Agents, Tank guides him to what door to take:
Neo (running in the corridor): “Need a little help.”
Tank: “Door on your left.”
Neo takes the door on his right
Tank: “No, the other left”
This may mean, that the choice to take a right door is deeply implanted into Neo.

Is the problem really ‘choice’?

The reason why the first Matrixes crashed lay in the imperfection of humans (at least this is what the Architect says):
Architect: “The inevitability of [the 1st Matrix’] doom is apparent to me now as a consequence of the imperfection inherent in every human being.”
Thus ‘Imperfection’ was the problem of the very first Matrixes.
This problem was solved (the Matrix doesn’t crash anymore) by implementing (the illusion of) choice.
Architect: “A solution whereby nearly 99% of all test subjects accepted the program, as long as they were given a choice… While this answer functioned, it was obviously fundamentally flawed, thus creating the… systemic anomaly”.


What is flawed?

  • The answer (=the solution) is flawed:
    Architect: “A solution whereby…subjects accepted the program, [when] they were given a choice… While this answer functioned, it was…flawed
  • Often it is stated that the Matrix itself is flawed. Well, not quite: The first Matrix (the perfect world) that crashed was obviously flawed. Nowadays the Matrix doesn’t crash anymore, thus is not flawed. However, I consider this a little bit like splitting hairs: Since the solution is part of the Matrix, ok, you could say the Matrix is flawed.


Why was it flawed?

  • Because it is only a superficial solution and does not correct the ‘human imperfection’ itself.
  • Because ‘choice’ is in contradiction to “a harmony of mathematical precision” and to “flawless”.
    Hell, even the word ‘Matrix’ is mathematical.
  • Because it is only for 99%
  • Because it enables to choose (=free will), which might become a danger.
    In a world of causality (action-reaction, cause-effect), choice is the anomaly.
    A couple of wrong choices can add up to a systemic crash.
  • Because ‘The Architect doesn’t like to play dice’ as Einstein said. 😉


So what is choice?

  1. ‘choice’ is a solution for the Matrix crashing problem.
  2. ‘choice’ is a flawed solution (= the patch is bugged)
  3. ‘choice’ is a nearly perfect solution.
    If you consider that the Matrix may be thousands of years old, then the sixth arrival of Neo as an anomaly is not too bad. It means, that the ‘Mother’ has maybe found a solution as perfect as it can get in keeping humans in a Matrix.
  4. ‘choice’ is a solution becoming a problem (choice is “creating the… contradictory… anomaly”)
  5. ‘choice’ itself is not the problem, but wrong choice, of course (=a choice, that is different from what the system wants to be chosen)


What could be the problem that underlies Matrix-unwanted choices?

  1. The problem could be ‘purpose’
    In a perfect world even the purpose of your life is implanted.
    Smith: “Without purpose, we [Neo+ Smith] would not exist.”
    But wrong purpose or no-purpose could be harmful to the system. (e.g. Smith’s purpose was altered by Neo and now Smith spreads like mad. Dangerous.), thus living by the right purpose has to be enforced.
    To ease the burden of this enforced purpose, every inhabitant gets his ‘freedom of choice’ (within the narrow parameters of one’s own purpose).
    Thus the problem might be wrong choice OR the ability to choose a wrong purpose.
  2. The problem could be ‘certain emotions’ (most visible in the Ones, of course):
    Architect: “I can see the chain reaction – the chemical precursors that signal the onset of an emotion, designed specifically to overwhelm logic and reason“.
    From the Architect’s point of view logic is good and reason is good, too. But an emotion overwhelming logic and reason? Bad.
  3. The problem could be ‘The need to believe’ or ‘Hope’
    Architect: “Hope. It is the quintessential human delusion… the source of your greatest strength“.
    It is interesting how people who are freed from the calculated world of the Matrix set up a Zion where religious belief is common and strong.
  • Morpheus’ talks about “I must ask you to do one thing…To trust me.”
  • The rave party is called ‘temple gathering’ and Hamann’s speech ‘opening prayer’
  • People give Neo gifts to ‘watch over’ their children.
  • The Oracle gives a prophecy.

It could very well be, that there is too little to believe within the Matrix (= a simulation calculated by machines, thus nothing to believe in), and being part of a higher meaning is more satisfying outside of the Matrix. Thus those 2 things (Choice + Belief) are the best glue to keep humans enslaved, therefore choice in the Matrix PLUS belief in Zion make the perfect trap.

  • The problem could also be the ‘seeking for truth’.
    Architect: “Which brings us at last to the moment of truth, wherein the fundamental flaw is ultimately expressed“.
    The Architect states that the 1st Matrix crashed because of the imperfection of humans. Well, this might be inaccurate: Every human knows that if everything goes right and nothing wrong then something is a lie. Thus to make the Matrix simulation perfect (= making humans believe that it was real) humans had to see that things can go wrong (= see that wrong choice can exist):
    Agent Smith: “I believe…human beings define their reality through misery and suffering.”
    Thus the problem lay in the too-perfection of the Matrix and not in the less-perfection of humans (or any other life form).
  • The problem could be ‘Death wish’
    Agent Smith [Matrix 1]: “The first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world”
    Architect [Matrix 2]: “The first Matrix I designed was quite naturally perfect”
    Maybe humans WANT to die instead of staying alive for hundreds of years.