Matrix Timeline

Garden Eden – a previous Matrix?

Since the Architect states…
Architect: “The Matrix older than you know”
…it could mean that it started as ‘Garden Eden’ as mentioned in Matrix 1…
Agent Smith: “The first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world”
.and in Matrix 2…
Architect: “The first Matrix I designed was quite naturally perfect”

  • This would make the Matrix and human (fake) history several thousands years old. Including the creation of the machines.
  • This would make (a) god out of the Architect (‘The Great Architect’ is the freemasonic name/description for God).
  • The Merovingians supposed themselves as descendants of Jesus Christ. If Jesus was a former One, then the Merovingian might also be a former One, at least his descendant.
  • This would make it possible that Persephone’s ‘Cain and Abel’ are really the biblical Cain (also known as Kain) and Abel: Adam’s and Eve’s first and second son.
  • Maybe Eve or the Snake was a former ‘One’ giving Adam the red pill (red apple). However there are no blue apples, which weakens this theory a little bit.
  • One of the next Matrix failures could have been the biblical Flood. Thus Noah could be a former ‘One’ saving a handful humans.
    Please note that on Noah’s ark there have been only 8 humans (1 Noah +3 sons +their wives) in contrast to the 7th (future) Zion with 24 humans (=1 Neo +16 women +7 men =16 women +8 men. In other words exactly twice as many women as men). However 24=8*3, thus Zion could be said to be 3 times as large as the arc.
  • It also may be that Matrix 6 is the 6th day of God’s (=the Architects) creation. And now on the 7th ‘day’ a special break is coming.
  • Sodom and Gomorrha (aka. Gomorra, Gomorrah) could be another instance where the system had to intervene and only a few survived. However this was only a local catastrophe and not a global cataclysm.

However, a counter-point to ‘1st Zion=Garden Eden’ is that Smith continues:
Smith: “The first Matrix was designed to be a perfect human world. Where none suffered. Where everyone would be happy. It was a disaster. No one would accept the program. Entire crops were lost.”
Since only Adam and Eve were in Garden Eden and there haven’t been any crops then this makes no sense.

  • There is a counter-idea to this however: By “crops” Smith could mean human bodies (= the fields of human bodies). Because humans wouldn’t accept the code, they woke up, therefore ruining the machine’s crops, not their own.

Marginal note about old testament mythology (has nothing to do with the Matrix, just my 5 cents):
Since all creatures have been created by 
god on Sunday to Friday (days 1-6) AND no creature has been created later AND SINCE there was no death in Garden Eden before Adam’s sin, it means, that a) dinosaurs lived together with humans b) dinosaurs and humans were eating fruits only and c) nobody stomped on ants.

Marginal note about bible mythology #2: The ‘Garden Eden’ is not ‘Paradise’. Garden Eden was created a long time ago, while paradise is the place we go after we die (or after this whole planet earth is turned into a ‘paradise’).

The attack of the machines at the end of Matrix Reloaded


At the end of Matrix Reloaded there is a lot of scene-jumping between ships, locations and times.
I try to clear up the timeline of Matrix Reloaded a bit to indicate that Zion still exists:

  1. The ship Nebuchadnezzar (Captain Morpheus) is on its way to save the world.
  2. The council asks for 2 volunteering ships to help Morpheus. The first volunteering ship is the Vigilant with the male Captain Soren.
  3. The second ship is the Logos with the female Captain Niobe
  4. Both ships leave Zion. Both ships find Morpheus. The Keymaker instructs the crews to put out of operation 2 power plants.
  5. Captain Niobe does her job (=blows up the power station)…
    …and returns from the Matrix to her ship Logos and says…
    Niobe [Enter the Matrix]: “I can’t believe it.”
    Ghost: “We did it.”

    …and has a role in the forthcoming movie Matrix Revolutions.
  6. Captain Soren’s ship Vigilant is hit by a bomb from the sentinels…
    Axel (onboard the Vigilant): “Incoming. Incoming! Incoming!”
    …and his crew dies onboard the ship and inside the Matrix (in the second power station). Both death scenes (within the ship and within the Matrix) are shown in Matrix 2.
  7. Now Trinity (on the Nebuchadnezzar) has to help out, goes into the second power station and completes Soren’s job.
  8. Neo returns from the Architect just right in time before the Nebuchadnezzar, too, is bombed by the sentinels.
  9. During these scenes something happens somewhere else: Some sentinels stop to tunnel and go inside the pipelines that go in and out Zion. As Commander Lock said:
    Lock: “The machines are tunnelling to avoid our defense system. But I believe that they’re going to intersect certain [main] pipelines [in and out Zion] in order to control them. These points of intersection are crucial because I believe they’re vulnerable to counterattack.”
  10. Six(?) hovercrafts from Zion (IcarusNovalisCaduceusHammer and other ships) try to get in position to fire an EMP (electromagnetic pulse). Because an EMP also affects other ships at close range (including the very ship that fires it) all ships must be out of range and have landed.
  11. Now something unwanted happens. Bane (who is possessed by Agent Smith) seems to have killed the whole crew of the ship he’s on (as seen in Enter the Matrix) and triggers the EMP (his own EMP like Neo or the ship’s EMP?). The ship Hammer (with Captain Roland) is the only ship out of range.
    • Roland (onboard the Hammer) [Enter the Matrix]: “What was that?”
      Mauser: “I think it was an EMP.”
      Roland: “How?”
      Mauser: “No idea, but right now we can’t reach 11, 4, or 7.”
    • Operator (in Zion) [Enter the Matrix]: “Sir! We’ve just lost contact with the Icarus!”
      Commander Lock: “What?”
      Operator: “…and the Novalis, and the Caduceus!”
      Commander Lock: “How is that possible?”
      Man: “I don’t understand it, sir, but the line is broken.”
      Commander Lock: “God damn it, what the hell is happening?”
    • Colt (at the end of Matrix 2): “Someone screwed it up: An EMP was triggered before we could get in position.”
      Mauser: “5 ships were instantly down.”
      Colt: “When the machines broke through, it wasn’t a battle, it was a slaughter.”
      Roland: “Once the machines were done with us, they started digging again. We made a quick pass to look for survivors.”
      Link: “You found one?”
      Roland: “Only [Bane]”

    Interesting sideswipe “Someone screwed it up” if you consider that the bridge in Soren’s ship probably collapsed because a broken screw.


How many Neos have existed? How many Zions?

How many ‘Ones’ have there been? How old is the Matrix? How many Matrix restarts have there been? How many Zions have there been? This is NOT ANSWERED in the movie. It seems that is answered, but after careful re-examination of the transcript it is not said there.

Architect: “The Matrix is older than you know. I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next, in which case this is the 6th version.”
TV Neos: “5 Ones before me? 4-3-2 What are you talking about?”

Please note that the Architect’s ‘counting’ is just his own preferred way of classifying the version (and he doesn’t say anything about rebooting – For those who insist that the Matrix has to be rebooted after a ‘One’ comes to the Architect).

Please also note that at this point of the conversation between Neo and the Architect it is not clear whether every “integral anomaly” is manifested as ‘a One’ who comes thru to the Architect. Therefore it is unknown how many ‘Ones’ existed before Neo. Thus the reaction “4-3-2”.
It is only later that the Architect mentions: “Your 5 predecessors”.

Why do I bring this up?

It has been speculated, that the TV Neos represent former ‘Ones’, because they say “4-3-2”. However, I believe the TVs do not represent previous ‘Ones’, because of these facts mainly:

  • Neo and all TV Neos take the left door and all Neos say
    Neo: “If I were you, I would hope that we don’t meet again.”
  • There are more screens than previous ‘Ones’.
  • Behind every TV Neo there are also TV screens. Thus a TV Neo cannot represents an older ‘One’ showing the reactions of the older older ‘Ones’.
  • All TV Neos look alike. Since the Oracle lived a long time she maybe would have recognize the similarity, instead she states:
    Oracle: “You’re cuter than I expected”
  • The last ‘One’ who started Zion should be still known amongst the Zion residents.
  • In Matrix 1 you see the same TVs just before Smith’s interrogation of Neo. It would mean that previous ‘Ones’ sat in the same room the same way.
  • When the Architect finishes talking about Neo’s life
    Architect: “Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation… Which has led you… here”
    as he speaks the word “here” all TV monitors all of a sudden show Neo.
  • After the Architect has spoken Neo says…
    Neo :”You haven’t answered my question”
    …and the Architect replies…
    Architect: “That was quicker than the others.”
    …and all monitors show Neo making his statement…
    Neo: “You haven’t answered my question”
    …in the same moment.
  • The camera moves around and picks a monitor with a TV Neo as the final statement of the real Neo.

Thus the TV monitors can represent:

  • All possible reactions of Neo
  • The Architect’s calculations (=weather forecasts) of possible reactions.
    That is pretty much the same as ‘all possible reactions’, BUT introduces two more things:

    • The TV monitors wouldn’t show any reactions if the Architect did not make any calculations. And in fact: A lot of responses of the real Neo are not accompanied by the TV Neos. For example, Neo says…
      Neo: “You need human beings to survive”
      …while the TV Neos show no reaction.
      This is also a counter-proof against the theory that Neo did not make a choice by his own (but had to choose the left door), because all monitors show him to do that (and thus there wouldn’t be any other possibility).
      Since it seems the monitors would be only calculations when calculations are calculated, then “all-screens-show-left” proofs nothing. It could simply mean, that there is no calculation actually made.
    • but more importantly: The calculations might be flawed. You see from some TV reactions, that ‘real Neo’, behaves sometimes very differently from the ‘TV Neos’. While all TV Neos shout “I’ll fuckin’ kill you” or are upset, the ‘real Neo’ stays calm. Thus ‘real Neo’ may differ a lot from how the Architect sees him. (Because of the clash with Smith? Because of Persephone’s kiss? Because of the Oracle’s red candy?)
  • Please note that when the camera does one of these ‘pan into a screen’ moves, the slate is wiped clean. That could mean, that now all future calculations are based on this last decision.


Could there have been more than 5 previous ‘Ones’?

Theoretically yes, since the Architect states merely that Neo’s 5 predecessors were similar to him:
Architect: “Your 5 predecessors were… based on a similar predication”
That could mean that there have been, say, 20 predecessors out of which the first 15 have been based on an un-similar predication.

Furthermore you might dissect the Architect’s words
Architect: “I prefer counting from the emergence of one integral anomaly to the emergence of the next, in which case this is the sixth version.”
to mean that not the emergence of an integral anomaly makes a version, but the span from one emergance to the next, which would calculate as “6th version = 7 anomalies”.
As in: A crash leads to the next version which makes it “1 crash = 2 versions”.


How many Zions have there been?

Architect: “This will be the 6th time we have destroyed [Zion]”
I don’t believe it, but it leaves the possibility that there have been more than 6 Zions, but which weren’t destroyed (but collapsed by their own, for example)
that humans fleeing out of the Matrix didn’t gather in Zion.



It could be simple: We are in Matrix 6, Neo is the 6th ‘One’, Zion is the 6th Zion.

But it could be very complicated.