Symbolism in the Matrix


  • Neo means “New” (Greek)
  • N-E-O is an anagram of O-N-E


  • The Merovingians are an old French dynasty (The Merovingian speaks French) who claimed they descended from the line of Jesus “The One” Christ


  • Biology: A basic substance without inner structure
  • Biology: Hull of the chromosomes
  • Biology: Base of the fingernail / toenail
  • Biology: Base layer of the hair
  • Mineralogy: The natural material containing the minerals
  • Mathematics: A rectangular scheme of numbers
  • Latin: Source; cause; mother animal; uterus

“Thomas A. Anderson”

  • Ander = “Man” (Greek)
    Son = “Son”
    Anderson = “Son of man”. An attribute also given to Jesus. Moreover “Neo Anderson” would mean “New son of man”.
  • “Thomas A.” is probably related to “Thomas Aquin” a saint of the catholic church.


  • Trinity = “3 in 1”
    Old (Egyptian) belief, marketed by the catholic church, that god can be divided in 3 parts (or persons or features or gods). One could write whole books about these trinity mythologies.


  • Morpheus is the Greek god of dreams
    Morpheus: “Have you ever had a dream, Neo, that you were so sure was real. What if you were unable to wake from that dream. How would you know the difference between the dream world and the real world?”Morpheus: “You’ve been living in a dream world, Neo.”Morpheus: “The Matrix is a computer generated dream world”

    Agent Smith (to Morpheus): “The perfect world would dream that your primitive cerebrum kept trying to wake up from.”

    Morpheus: “Good night, Zion. Sweet dreams.”

    Morpheus: “I have dreamed a dream, and now that dream has gone from me.”


  • Nebucadnezzar is a king mentioned in the bible who is haunted by bad dreams
  • Nebuchadnezzar is Morpheus’ ship and Morpheus is a Greek god of dreams.


  • “Zion” = “Scion”
  • “Zion” in the sense of “Jerusalem”
  • Lambert Wilson (who plays the Merovingian) mentions in an interview that Zion is related to the “Priory of Zion” (Prieure du Notre Dame du Sion), a secret society, with connections to Knights Templar, Roscicrucianism, Freemasonry, Arthurian and the Holy Grail.
    “The real mission of the Templars and Priory of Zion: To safeguard not just the treasure of the Crusades, but to preserve the Grail… The Merovingians were considered in their day to be quasi-mystical warrior-kings vested with supernatural powers.”
  • Not to forget “The protocolls of the sages of Zion” and the council of the elders of Zion.


  • “Cypher” sound similar to “Lucifer”
  • “Cypher” is another word for “void” / “zero” / “nil” / “not real” / “not entity”
  • Since “decipher” = “decode, then “Cypher” could mean “encode”, because keeps the Matrix alive rather then de-code (= destroy) it.


  • “Niobe” is a Greek goddess who wanted to be adored for being a mother.


  • “Apoc” = Apocalypse

“Reloaded” / “Revolutions”

  • “Matrix Reloaded”, because it’s the sequel
  • “Matrix Reloaded”, because the cycle is about to start again or reload with fresh changes (Neo has to choose 23 people)
  • “Matrix Reloaded”, because the Matrix will reboot (who knows, this is just a theory so far)
  • “Matrix Reloaded”, because Zion is within a Matrix (thus Zion is the outer Matrix, while the Matrix is a reloaded one)
  • “Matrix Reloaded”, because Neo has to go back into the matrix to continue the fight, that he has partly won in Matrix 1.
  • “Matrix Reloaded”, because “Matrix 2” is a lame name compared to “Reloaded”
  • “Matrix Reloaded”, because it’s a better movie now (e.g. ‘Twin peaks reloaded’ -> ‘Twin Peaks updated/refreshed etc…’)
  • “Matrix Reloaded”, because at the end of Matrix 1 we saw the words “System Failure” and now the system has been reloaded. 
  • “Matrix Revolutions” because things will change
  • “Matrix Revolutions” because the Matrix will revolve (= cycle)


  • From the book The Traveller’s key to Anceint Egypt by John Anthony West (pg. 239 2nd edition):
    There is an extremely interesting Late Kingon (ca. 300 B.C.) “magical” papyrus called the Leyden Papyrus (now in the Leyden Museum in Holland) in the form of an extended incantation designed to negate the power of the Sethian serpent, Apopis. This text unites the principal aspects of the ancient creation myths in a single extended composition. It is particularly important in that its system of numeration identifies the principle or aspect of creation with its matching, underlying, mystical number, a rare direct piece of evidence for the Pythagoreanism infusing Egyption myths and symbols.Thus the stanzas numbered 3, 30, 300, have to do with the triple nature of The One, the familiar if elusive Trinity of Christiantiy, and those numbered 6, 60, 600, concern the volume, space and time. The number 6 is inextricably related, both physically and metaphysically, to these concepts. Apart from the Physical reminder of the six direction (four cardinal points plus up and down) timekeeping and calendrical systems all over the world are based upon 6 and divisions of 6 (12 months, 24 hours, 60 minutes, etc.). In the Leyden Papyrus it is the myserious Amon that governs or infuses the created Universe….